Established in 1994, The Parkrose Educational  Foundation is a philanthropic 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization that raises and distributes funds for the enhancement of the educational experiences of students in Parkrose Public Schools. Using an equitable lens, we move forward with grants that enrich and encourage our students to become lifetime learners and capable stewards of our communities.

The Foundation consists of nine dedicated community volunteers who are united by their profound connections to the Parkrose School District either as staff, alumni, parents, neighbors, local businesses, or all of the above. The Foundation ensures that its students do not miss out on any critical learning opportunities.

The Parkrose Educational Foundation hosts an annual auction dinner where the proceeds are contributed to an educational program or service in the district. In 2018, the auction raised $16,600 for the Life Education for Adults in Parkrose (LEAP) program, which teaches special education students important life skills that are not included in school curriculum, such as riding public transportation, being an employee, and how to deposit paychecks.

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