Picture of the student store. Snacks and merchandise displayed on the walls and counter top.

Middle School Student Store

Operated by the Leadership Class, the student store at Parkrose Middle School serves as a platform where students are recognizing for their embodiment of responsibility, organization, cooperation, and kindness (ROCK). Transactions at the student store are driven by a dynamic rewards system that is strategically designed to reinforce these fundamental values, acknowledging and celebrating students who consistently demonstrate the ROCK ethos by awarding them points that they can redeem for items in the student store. The enticing incentives range from snacks and exclusive middle school merchandise to fidgets, with grand prizes like Uber Eats.

Beyond incentivizing positive behaviors, the student store offers an invaluable learning experience for those managing it. Students actively involved in running the store gain practical skills in store maintenance, inventory management, distribution, product purchasing, and financial management.

Acknowledging the significance of this initiative, the Parkrose Educational Foundation has awarded funds to support the Middle School student store, covering startup expenses for stocking the store and implementing the rewards application. The initial impact has been noteworthy, with 100% of students earning reward points within the first few months. Impressively, 85% of teachers have consistently utilized the reward system, contributing to a tangible decrease in referrals and detentions issued. The student store not only serves as a positive reinforcement tool but also stands as a testament to the success of integrating rewards and incentives into the school’s ethos.