6th Annual Dinner Auction

Considering the economic challenge faced by the entire community, we highly respect our donors commitment and the efforts of our volunteers to make the event a clear success.

Funds from the Auction are targeted for 2009-2010 grants and immediate purchase of new electronic teaching aids used in the classroom. The subject of our Appeal Bid was to acquire new student response monitoring tools that provide immediate feedback in gauging the understanding of points just made in that days instruction. This real-time assessment allows a teacher to place further emphasis on key points, while offering the ability to provide individual reinforcement.

Enhancing the educational experience of students in the District is the Foundations Mission. Support from donors makes that a reality. Please know you are contributing to the growth of students as future leaders in the community. Please join us again in 2010, as we take another step in that development!

If you would like to learn more about this year’s auction, please visit the Auction page on our website.